General Hours of Operation:

* See calendar for specific opening times.


  1. Club hours vary, but generally the Club will be open from 12 noon to 9 P.M. daily, including holidays. Hours vary when public school in session and for home swim and dive events.
  2. Pool whistle will blow 15 minutes prior to Facility closing time
    • Provides members with ample time to collect their family members and belongings prior to leaving
    • Provides time for the Manager to perform required safety checks
    • Helps the staff with cleaning the pool and facility to ensure a smooth opening the next day
    • Adult Swim will not be called the last hour the pool is open
  3. At the discretion of Club Management, the pool may be closed due to emergencies including, but not limited to, service demand times. Please refer to the Inclement Weather Policy for details.
  4. If the pool has not opened by 4:00 PM, due to inclement weather, the facility will remain closed, regardless of weather conditions, until the next scheduled day of operation. In the event of inclement weather which arrives after 6:00 PM, the pool shall be closed for the remainder of the evening.
  5. Swim team meets and practices, dive meets and practices, as well as camp information, swim and dive lessons, will be posted on the premises. The baby pool will be open subject to the availability of lifeguards.
  6. During home swim and dive meets, pool hours may vary. The pool will reopen after swim and dive meets, time permitting, once the grounds have been cleared and cleaned.
  7. The diving well will be closed during dive lessons and warm-ups for home dive meets, camp, and when no guard is in the chair.
  8. The dates of evening events (Family Night, Adult Nights, Teen Nights, dive meets, swim meets, etc.) will be posted 2 weeks prior to the event.  The pool may close 1 hour before the event.  
  9. In addition to normal Club hours, the tennis courts are available to members and their guests before the pool opens each day and during the months the pool is closed. 
    • Since the tennis court gate will be locked with a combination lock, any member desiring to use the courts during this time must obtain the combination to the lock from the Club office or the Director of Tennis.
    • The gates leading from the tennis courts to the swimming pool area will not be open during this time.
    • No one is allowed on the pool grounds, without permission, during the off season.
  • Weekly emails are sent out on Thursdays to outline the activities for the upcoming week. The emails include the exact opening and closing times for each day during that week.
  • We now have a Facebook page, North St. John’s Swim and Tennis Club, along with a Google Calendar which will complement the weekly emails and provide updates.
  • Additional emails are sent regarding Swim and Dive Teams, Special Events and any NSJ activities.

Credit Cards

NSJ accepts credit cards at the front desk and the snack bar. Members have the option of paying for guest fees, parties and events with check or credit.

We can’t wait to see you at the pool!