The NSJ Guest Policy and fees are outlined below. ALL guests, including children, must stop at the check-in desk to be signed in. For liability and safety, we will strictly enforce this policy.*

We are allowing maximum 4 individual guests (or another family) per Bond Member, per day, throughout the summer. A Guest is defined as someone not on your membership.

Please review the information below:

  1. All guests, need to be accompanied by a member and checked in.
    • Names of guests will be recorded and tracked by the NSJ staff through the Member Splash program.
  2. All guests must enter NSJ with a member; guests cannot enter the pool if the member is not present and at the gate.
  3. Guest credits should be purchased through Members Splash prior to entering NSJ.
    • No cash or payment will be accepted at the front desk.
  4. Guest credits do not expire.
  5. If your teenager brings a guest(s), the adult member is responsible for all guests signed into their account. Payment is made with guest credits in your MS account.
  6. Guests living in the area may enter NSJ, with a member, maximum 10 visits per season.
  7. Guests may not visit in lieu of another family member on an account.
  8. Guests should share your space.
  9. Former members are guests.
  10. Parties: The board has agreed that parties with more than 4 guests, will not be allowed this summer. This means no reserving tables or reduced guest fees. Members are certainly welcome to have gatherings if they follow the guidelines.
  11. No Guests on Holidays, including Labor Day (Monday 9/6).

FEES – All Payable through Member Splash:

  • Guest Credits are in $1 increments and must be purchased through Member Splash
  • Guest Fees (Adults and Children over the age of 2):
    • Weekdays: Monday – Thursday Only:
      • All day $10.00
      • After 6 pm $6.00
    • Children under the age of 2 are welcome free of charge
    • Visiting grandparents are welcome free of charge
  • Nanny Fee: $100.00 for the summer when accompanying member’s children
  • Guests playing Tennis will be charged the same fees as Club guests.

Thank you for taking the time to review our Guest Policy.

*Subject to change based on health and safety recommendations