NSJ 2021 Club Rules  and regulations

These are frequently asked questions and are in addition to the Club Rules (linked above).

CDC Guidelines

Adult swim: Adult swim will be called each hour on the hour, except for the last hour of the day, and will last 15 minutes.

Attendance Counter: Our website has an attendance counter so you can see how many people are at the club at any given time. Capacity restrictions have been lifted.

August Members: We will decide based on club usage after July 4th.

Camp: Please refer to the website for information. Registration for both the Art Camp and NSJ Camp Have been sent out.

Check-In: All members will enter the club through the main, blue gate and check in with the gate attendant providing the first and last name for each family member visiting the club. To avoid delays, please double check that each family member along with their photo, are entered in your Member Splash account.

Children and Unsupervised Teens: Please make sure your children understand the rules prior to visiting NSJ.  We want all members to feel safe and have their needs respected.

Dive and Swim Teams: Please refer to the website for information.

Face Masks: Here is Governor Hogan’s statement. This summer face masks are at your discretion for you and your family. Face masks should not be worn in the pool.

Front Desk: We would like members to approach the front desk only for emergencies. All payments should be done prior to arriving at NSJ using your Member Splash account. We do not accept cash.

Grills Available: We ask that you clean your grill after each use.  Please secure the cover so the guards can put  the covers on at the end of the evening.

Guests: The board has voted and agreed to allow guests during the week, Monday – Thursday. Guests will be limited to a maximum of 4 people per family, per day.  They should be individuals your family social distances with since they will be sharing your space. After July 4th, if not earlier, we will evaluate club usage and expand the policy if applicable. Guest credits do not expire.

Ice Machine: We have an ice machine located in the snack bar. Please ask for assistance if you need ice. Members are not allowed to serve themselves ice.

Lifeguards: The lifeguard’s responsibility is to create a safe environment for swimmers and members. They are not social distancing police. We will need all members to work mindfully and kindly together to create a safe environment. The Managers and Lifeguards have full authority to make calls at their discretion regarding unsafe behavior in and around the pool.

Masters Swim: Please refer to the website for information. Thank you, Megan Mackey, for challenging our Masters swimmers!

Nanny Passes: If you have already purchased a Nanny Pass or plan on having a Nanny/Babysitter, please make sure you have entered the person’s name in your Member Splash account and contact the Membership Director. The Nanny/Babysitter will need to acknowledge the waiver online next to their name in your Member Splash account.

Parties: The board has voted and agreed to not allow parties for this summer. This means no reserving tables or reduced guest fees. Members are certainly welcome to have gatherings if they follow the guidelines.

Picnic tables: They are available for individual households and guests. The tables should not be moved or pushed together. We ask that you notify a Lifeguard upon leaving so the table can be cleaned for the next member. We have numbered each table for your convenience.

Playground, Sand, Volleyball and Basketball Court:  Please use at your own discretion.

Restrooms: Sinks, toilets and showers are available. Limit of 2 individuals in the shower area at any given time. The Family Restroom shower is also available. Parents are responsible for their children when using the showers and children should not congregate or play in the shower area.  We have an outdoor shower at the club house if you need to rinse off.

Sanitation Stations: Tables with cleaning supplies are set up by the entrance and under the main pavilion.  If your table or chairs need to be cleaned, please feel free to spray them down.

Seating: We will provide seating/lounge chairs this summer. We are continuing to ask members to supplement with their own seating, especially if you have a group sharing your space. During the day you will be responsible for cleaning the chairs you use. The chairs will be sprayed down each evening.

Swim Lessons: Private and semi-private lessons are available with the Swim Team Coaches and Lifeguards. Information is posted on our website. Please arrange lessons directly with the person you choose.

Tennis: Tennis is open year-round. Tennis players should enter the courts through the parking lots. Ask a manager to unlock the interior tennis court gates if you are already in the club. If a member wants to enter the club after playing tennis, they need to enter through the front gate and follow the check-in procedures. There is a Tennis Sign-up which is included in the weekly email.

Umbrellas with Bases: We have purchased additional blue umbrellas with white bases to provide shade in the grassy area.  We also have umbrellas with bases for each of the main pavilion tables set out on the deck in the direct sun. Please leave those umbrellas with the tables so members can utilize those tables and we can have shade on the deck.  We are trying to provide as much shade and socially distant seating as possible.

Yoga: Please refer to the website for information. Thank you, Linda Gousis, for being our resident Yogi!

Wading Pool: The wading pool is open. There is no lifeguard at the wading pool. The wading pool will open at 9 AM ONLY during the months of June and July only on days with Swim and Dive Practice. If there is no practice, the wading pool is closed and will open when NSJ opens.