Membership has its privileges…

  • Guarded main pool and toddler pool with mushroom
  • Pavilion with an abundance of picnic tables
  • Sand volleyball
  • Basketball court
  • Large playground
  • Year round access to 4 tennis courts
  • And so much more!!!!

How to join us:

There is a $50 non-refundable application fee to enter the waiting list.  Don’t be dismay — the waitlist moves pretty quickly.  Simply fill out the wait list application and you will be notified when you are offered a membership.

Waitlist Application

Waitlist Notes:  If a family on the NSJ waitlist chooses to decline the NSJ invitation for that summer, they will go to the bottom of the waitlist for the following summer and the $50 deposit will rollover.  A family can defer 1-year (summer) and then would need to reapply to the waitlist, including the $50 fee.

August Membership:  1 time per family

If you would like more information about membership please contact Cindy McNemar, our Membership Director.

2021 Fees

Bond – New Members: $800 (due when offered Membership)
Family Membership: $775 (due annually)
Senior Membership:  $625 (due annually)
Single Membership: $525 (due annually)
August Membership: $300 (Waitlist families could be offered August membership)