Learn more about NSJ’s pavilion rehab and watch the project unfold!

For the past six years, North St. John’s Board of Directors has been aware of structural issues within the framing of our of beloved pavilion and has monitored it closely. Throughout this time, several of the vertical support posts have been replaced, and the roof beams were patched and covered when necessary.

In the summer of 2022, however, significant rot was discovered in many of the roof support beams, and after consulting with contractors and engineers, it was determined that the building was no longer safe in its current condition and was past the point of cost-effective repairs. A full replacement was recommended. Since closing our facility in September, we have been working closely with a contractor and structural engineer to demolish the old structure, evaluate and enhance the existing foundation, and build a brand-new all-metal pavilion to be ready for Memorial Day Weekend 2023!

Below are photos taken throughout the past several months to show the step-by-step journey as we upgrade our pavilion. We hope you enjoy the beautiful new space!

The Before

The pavilion has been a fixture at NSJ for well…forever! We actually don’t know when it was originally constructed. From the beams, electrical, and decking we do know it was constructed in two phases.
The pavilion has hosted countless team events, camp days, crab feasts, dance parties, family BBQs and so much more over its lifespan.

Discovering the Problems

The ends of many of the roof support beams were so rotted you could easily insert a screwdriver without any effort. When we removed the white casing, it looked like they were full of wet mulch.


The pavilion came down quickly and easily, but also revealed new problems. Our contractor discovered large voids under the concrete slab from years of water erosion. Basically, the concrete was largely suspended in air and was at high risk of collapse. As a result, the only safe option was to remove and replace all of the existing concrete.

The Deck

In our original plan, we had no intention of changing the decking surrounding the pavilion area. Much of it was repaired and refurbished in 2015, and we assumed it was still in decent condition. However, when a few of the boards were removed to help our contractor examine the pavilion foundation, more rot and more structural issues were revealed that could not be ignored

Deck Demo

Everything is now gone! When we ripped it all down we were able to see the true extent of the rot, and how little was holding up the deck.
With a clean slate we are ready to start rebuilding!

Starting to Rebuild

Numerous factors were considered before selecting a new pavilion design, including aesthetics, cost, and required maintenance. Ultimately, we decided to not rebuild the wood deck, and instead construct a stone retaining wall that will be topped with a single solid concrete surface. This will give the space a more uniform look while also increasing durability and longevity. The new wall is already taking shape!

Putting up the Pavilion

After much anticipation, the new pavilion is up and the concrete slab is down! It came together quickly and easily.
We are now in the home stretch, and working on the finishing touches to be ready for Opening Day!

The End Result

We could not be happier with our new pavilion!
It exceeded all of our expectations and has been a huge upgrade for our members.
Thank you to everyone who helped pull off this project!