Participation as a volunteer is essential to the success of the NSJ Dive Team!

Listed below are the areas along with the descriptions of positions for which volunteers are needed.  You will have plenty of support and guidance in whichever role you choose.

If you have more than one diver on the team, please consider volunteering for one of the chairperson positions.

Needs an outgoing, good clear voice and able to speak to a crowd through a microphone. Volunteer read divers names, dive with dive number, DD and next diver up. Reads the diver’s scores as they are displayed by the judges, and announces winners in each group. Keeps the dive meets running at a good pace.

Concessions is held only during the dive team’s home dive meets and is the dive team’s main fundraiser.

Items on the menu can include pizza, sandwiches, hot dogs, hamburgers, taco in a bag, chips, water, sodas, fruit, and candy. We are open to fun ideas and suggestions!

The Chairperson(s) will develop a plan of what to sell and price food / beverages accordingly.  S/he will also schedule volunteers to run the concession stand for any of the NSJ home meets.

Volunteer(s) will help plan, coordinate and set up this event with the help of the dive director(s).

Each team is required to provide two judges for EACH meet in addition to the Official (Referee). In order to become a judge, you have to be certified. Parent volunteers, who are experienced judges, need to get recertified every two years, so please check those cards!

Judge / Referee training clinics are:

  • Sunday 6/2 at Padonia with Rick @ 9AM – 11AM
  • Tuesday 6/4 at St. Andrews with Kristen @ 7PM – 9PM

Referee training will follow the Judge training clinics.

Each team is required to provide one judge referee for each away meet. The referee needs to be judge certified, have judged for 2 years and taken the referee training. The referee should be familiar with the CMDL Handbook and is responsible for verifying dive sheets, calling failed dives, broken positions, and assigning max points for a dive.

Referee training will follow the Judge training clinics and lasts about 30 minutes:

  • Sunday 6/2 at Padonia with Rick @ 9AM – 11AM followed by referee training.
  • Tuesday 6/4 at St. Andrews with Kristen @ 7PM – 9PM followed by referee training.

Volunteer(s) will be in charge of putting labels on the ribbons before a home meet for each of the age groups. Labels will be prepared, and this person would have to place the correct amount of ribbons for each boy/girl age group in the required folders. Volunteer will need to work at the scorer’s table ½ hour prior to a home meet, and either the first or second half helping to write winners names/scores during the meet.

Each team is required to provide at least two table workers for EACH meet. This involves sitting at the scorer’s table and tallying each diver’s scores on their dive sheets.

The Chairperson would be required to prepare volunteer table worker schedule, help to set up table prior to meets and being flexible to last minute changes.

Sign up information will be circulated at the beginning of the season.

Please send all questions to: