NSJ Guest Policy 2024

  • ALL guests, including children, must stop and sign in at the check-in desk. For liability and safety, we will strictly enforce this policy.
  • A guest is defined as someone not on your membership.
  • NSJ allows a maximum of 6 individual guests (or one other family) per Bond Member/Household, per day. 
  • If you have reserved the Party Zone, please review all associated guest rules and guidelines. 

General Guest Information

  • All guests must enter NSJ with a member; guests cannot enter the pool if the member is not present at the gate when they arrive.  
    • The member must provide their own name and guest’s name(s) prior to entering the Club.  
    • Any member who brings a guest without registering and paying the appropriate fee may have his or her membership terminated. 
    • The Club member is required to be at least 12 years old to sign in their guest.
  • A non-member, living in the membership area, may only use the pool as a guest ten (10) times per year. 
    • Guests’ names will be recorded and tracked by the NSJ Staff through Member Splash accounts.
  • Guests may only enter through the front gate. 
  • If a child signs in a guest(s), the Bond Member/Household is responsible for all guests signed into their account. Payment will be made with the family’s Member Splash guest credits.
  • Guests may not visit in lieu of another family member on an account.
  • Guests should share a space and/or table with the host member.
  • Former members must be signed in as a guest. 
  • When a member leaves, they must ensure that their guests leave with them.
  • No guests are permitted on holidays.
    • Holidays include: Memorial Day, July 4th, and Labor Day.

Guest Fees

  • Guest Credits:
    • Guest credits are available in $1 increments and must be purchased through Member Splash prior to entering NSJ.
    • As a savings, we offer 100 guest credits for $85.
    • Guest credits do not expire.
  • Guest Fees:  
    • Everyday: 
      • All day guest pass: $10
      • After 6 pm – closing: $6
    • Children under the age of 2 are welcome free of charge.
    • Visiting grandparents are welcome free of charge when they accompany a family member.
    • Guests visiting NSJ for a party are required to pay the same standard fees. 
  • Nanny Fee:
    • $100 for the summer when accompanying a member’s child(ren).
    • The nanny is not permitted to visit the Club without the member’s child(ren).
  • Tennis Guests:
    • Guests playing tennis during the months the pool is open will be charged the same fees as Club guests when they are accompanied by a member. Tennis guests must also sign it at the front desk. 

Thank you for taking the time to review the NSJ Guest Policy.

Please contact nsjswimtennisclub@gmail.com with any questions.