The following are supplemental guidelines and rules for North St. John’s Swim and Tennis Club.
They are intended to provide answers for many frequently asked questions.

Adult swim will be called each hour on the hour, except for the first and last hour of the day, and will last 15 minutes.

Children under 18 must clear the pool deck during adult swim. They are not permitted in the pool and are not allowed to sit on the side of the pool.

Availability of August Memberships will be decided by the Board of Directors in May for the current summer. August Membership does not guarantee membership for the following summer. This membership will be extended to the waitlist families in July and the August Membership will begin on August 1 until the Club closes for the season.

Things that ARE allowed in the pool:

  • Sponge-type balls (only during non-crowded conditions at the discretion of the Staff)
  • Personal flotation devices, including arm floats
  • Pool noodles
  • Swim fins and breathing tubes
  • Kickboards (in the lap lane ONLY)

Things that ARE NOT allowed in the pool:

  • Hard balls
  • Frisbees
  • Surf mats
  • Water blasters
  • Water guns
  • Inner tubes, rafts, or other inflatable pool toys

Note: Lacrosse balls and baseballs are not allowed anywhere within the Club grounds.

The basketball court is available on a first-come, first-served basis. Basketballs can be found in the ball bin in the lower area. Please use the court at your own discretion.

Join NSJ’s men’s basketball league for some friendly competition on the court.

WHEN: Wednesdays, 6 – 8 PM

WHERE: NSJ basketball court


  • Interested in joining the action? Fill out this form to be added to the basketball email list.
  • If you have played basketball at NSJ previously, you do not need to fill out the sign up form again. Your name is already on the list.


  • As in prior years, coordinator Doug Fries will send out an email each Monday to see who is available. Be sure to respond quickly! 
  • Play will be limited to 12 players (3 teams of 4) each week.

CONTACT: Please contact Doug Fries with any questions.

NSJ’s Summer Camp 2024 will run for two 4-day sessions (Monday – Thursday)*

  • July 22 – July 25: 12:00 PM drop off – 3:00 PM pickup
  • July 29 – August 1: 9:00 AM drop off – 12:00 PM pickup

** Friday of each camp week will be reserved as an inclement weather makeup day.**

Please refer to the Summer Camp page for more information.

The MAXIMUM BATHER capacity for the MAIN POOL is 200 people. That is the number of people allowed in the physical pool. Should the Manager and/or lifeguards feel the pool is crowded, they will blow the whistle and have everyone clear out so we can address the issue prior to letting members back into the pool.

The MAXIMUM FACILITY capacity is 800 people. That is everywhere on the property including the main pool.

All members will enter the Club through the main, blue gate and check in with the gate attendant providing the first and last name for each family member and/or visiting guest. To avoid delays, please ensure that all family members, along with their photos, are entered in your Member Splash account.

Please make sure your children understand the rules prior to visiting NSJ.  We want all members to feel safe and have their needs respected.

Children under 12 years of age must be supervised by an adult or responsible caregiver who is 18 years or older while on the Club premises. Caregivers must know where their children are at all times, and ensure they are using the facility appropriately.

Before you leave for the day, please take a look around and clean up your area. Trash and recycle bins are placed around the Club for your convenience.

Sanitations stations, stocked with spray, paper towels, and hand sanitizer, are also located by the snack bar and under the pavilion so members can easily wipe down tables or chairs.

Thanks for doing your part to keep NSJ clean!

The NSJ Cornhole League will be back for another summer!

WHEN: Thursdays, 6:30 – 8:30 PM

WHERE: NSJ basketball court


  • Please fill out this form if you are interested in participating in the NSJ Cornhole League.
  • If you played cornhole last summer, you must fill out the sign up form again this year.
  • NSJ will provide 4 sets of boards with 2 teams of 2 per set, having 4 games going at once.  Competition is limited to 16 people each week.
  • As with last year, coordinator Doug Fries will send out an email each Monday to see who is available. You must opt in each week if you’d like to play. Be sure to respond quickly! 
  • Teams will be randomly selected based on the first 16 who confirm each week (plus 2 alternates to account for last minute conflicts).

CONTACT: Please contact Doug Fries with any questions.

Please refer to the Dive Team page for all information.

Please refer to the below diving well rules:

  • Swimming will be permitted in the diving area only when the diving boards and slide are not being used and are closed by the lifeguard on duty.  
  • Diving is only permitted in the dive well.  
  • Only simple front dives are allowed from the edge of the dive well when the boards are closed.  
  • All other dives including jack knives and can-openers are permitted only off the diving boards. 
  • A lifeguard is required to be in the dive well guard chair any time the dive well is in use.
  • Only one person at a time is permitted on the diving boards or slide. 
  • No double bouncing or multiple bouncing on the diving boards.

NSJ’s gaga pit can be found by the basketball court. Balls will be available for use, just remember to put them back when you’re done.

Click here to read the official Gaga Ball rules and learn how to play.

Glass of any kind is not permitted at NSJ.  We want to avoid any chance of broken glass getting into the pool or someone stepping on glass.

Visiting grandparents are always welcome free of charge when they accompany a NSJ family member.  If a grandparent would like to enjoy the Club on their own, they must apply for their own membership.

If a grandparent intends to take their grandchild to NSJ without his or her parents present, please contact our Membership Director, Cindy McNemar, so they can be added to your account. This will greatly assist with the check-in process.

There are 4 gas grills available under the pavilion. NSJ also provides grilling utensils. Please be sure to only use the utensils from the bucket labeled “clean” and place them in the “dirty” bucket when finished. We also ask that you clean your grill with the available brushes when done cooking.

Please make sure all guests sign in at the front desk. It doesn’t matter whether they are swimming or socializing, once your guest walks through the gate, we are responsible for them.

Click here to read the full guest policy.

Pool Hours (June and July):

Pool Hours Memorial Day Weekend:

11 AM – 9 PM Saturday 5/28 and Sunday 5/29

11 AM – 8 PM Monday 5/30

Pool Hours until June 12:

3PM – 8 PM Monday – Thursday

3 PM – 9 PM Friday (6/3 and 6/10)

11 AM – 9 PM Saturday (6/4 and 6/11)

11 AM to 8 PM  Sunday (6/5 and 6/12)

Pool Hours June 13 – July 31:

11 AM – 9 PM Sunday – Thursday

11 AM – 10 PM Friday and Saturday

Pool Hours (August):

11 AM – 9 PM daily through Labor Day (9/5)*

Note: *Hours will change when school begins*

Hours may vary due to swim or dive meets and planned activities. Check the NSJ calendar for the most up-to-date opening/closing times.

We have an ice machine located in the snack bar. Please ask for assistance if you need ice. Members are not allowed to serve themselves ice.

The lifeguard’s responsibility is to create a safe and clean environment for members. The Managers and lifeguards have full authority to make calls at their discretion regarding unsafe behavior in and around the pool.

  • Safety is our first priority and of utmost concern.
  • The NSJ Managers and lifeguards are constantly going through training for both safety and cleanliness.
  • Lifeguards are responsible for overseeing the pool; however, you are responsible for watching your children both in and out of the pool.
  • Children should have someone in the pool with them or in close proximity to the pool to ensure their safety.
  • Children with questionable swimming skills may be asked by our staff to take a swim test.
  • Please make sure your children do not distract the Lifeguards during their shifts.

Missing something? Please fill out our lost and found form and a member of the NSJ Staff will be in touch.

Be sure to also check out the lost and found table by the front gate. NSJ does donate unclaimed items on a regular basis. These dates are posted on the Club calendar

As a reminder, NSJ is not responsible for the loss of and/or damage to personal property. We recommend you leave valuables at home.  We also recommend keeping computers, bags, and wallets locked in a safe place and out of sight, including in your vehicle.

Please refer to the Masters Swim page for more information. Thank you, Megan Mackey, for challenging our Master swimmers!

Nanny passes are available for $100 per summer, and can be purchased through your Member Splash account. The nanny may not visit NSJ without the member’s children. 

If you have already purchased a nanny pass, please make sure you have entered the person’s name in your Member Splash account and contacted Cindy McNemar, the NSJ Membership Director.

Please be sure to park in a marked spot in the parking lot, or refer to the below map if you choose to park in the grass field.

Interested in having a party at NSJ? Click here to learn all about the Party Zone and how to book your party today.

Mulch: Please talk to your children and tell them not to throw the playground mulch. It hurts and is dangerous when it gets in a child’s eye; it also creates an unnecessary mess.

Monkey Bars: When using the monkey bars we suggest kids dry off before playing on them to avoid slipping and getting hurt.

Climbing: Children should not climb on areas of the playground structure that are not intended for climbing. 

We do have lifeguards patrolling the area, BUT it is the caregiver’s responsibility to make sure their children are following the rules and acting appropriately. 

Women’s, Men’s, and Family restrooms are available. If the restrooms need to be cleaned or refreshed, please let the Manager or lifeguards know immediately.

An outdoor shower is also available at the club house for rinsing off.

The showers are for showering, not playing! Children should not play or congregate in the restrooms or shower area. Parents are responsible for their children when using the showers, and the capacity is one person per shower (adult’s may accompany their child in the shower).

Babies with swim diapers will ONLY be permitted to swim in the wading pool. Children MUST be fully toilet trained to use the main pool.

Swim lessons are available to NSJ members only.

Swim lessons are provided by our team of NSJ lifeguards in a private and small-group format throughout the summer. To register your child, please complete the registration form found on the swim lessons page. You may choose to register your child at any point during the summer.

Please send all questions to:

Please refer to the Swim Team page for all information.

Picnic tables may not be moved or pushed together.

Umbrellas on the back deck of the pavilion must remain with their corresponding table.

Tables and chairs may not be reserved at any time. 

Members are responsible for cleaning their own tables and chairs. The NSJ Staff will wipe them down periodically.

Tennis is open year-round. Tennis players should enter the courts through the parking lot gates. Ask a manager to unlock the interior tennis court gates if you are already in the Club. If a member wants to enter the Club after playing tennis, they need to enter through the front gate and follow the check-in procedures.

A complete guide to NSJ tennis can be found here.

  • If you would like to terminate your membership, please contact Cindy McNemar, the NSJ Membership Director, at as soon as possible. You must mail your bond certificate, along with your request to terminate, directly to Cindy.
  • All terminations need to be received by March 1st.  Any terminations received after that date will incur the $150 late fee deducted from the bond reimbursement.
  • Per the NSJ By Laws, “reimbursement of the terminated Membership Bond will be after March 1, once membership for the current year is completed.”

There is no lifeguard at the wading pool. The wading pool will open at 9 AM ONLY during the months of June and July and ONLY on days with Swim and Dive practice. If there is no practice, the wading pool is closed and will open when NSJ opens.

  • This pool is for our littlest members and their guardians.
  • Older children playing in the Wading Pool will be asked to leave by the lifeguards.
  • For safety reasons, lounge chairs are not permitted in this area.
  • Only children six (6) year of age and under may use the wading pool unless they are with their siblings and guardians.
  • All children must be accompanied by an adult.
  • No child can be left unattended at anytime, or for any reason.
  • Pool furniture should remain on the deck, not in the wading pool.

Volleyballs can be found in the ball bin in the lower area.

Please do not hang on the net or throw sand.

We do have lifeguards patrolling the area, BUT it is the caregiver’s responsibility to make sure their children are following the rules and acting appropriately.