As per American Pool, in the event of inclement weather which presents thunder or lightning, within the visual or auditory vicinity of North St. John’s Swim and Tennis Club, the following protocol will be enforced:

According to the National Lightning Safety Institute, at the sound of thunder or sighting of lightning all patrons will be cleared from the pool area and remain clear for at least 30 minutes for thunder and leave the premises for at least 30 minutes for lightning.

If thunder or lightning persist, the pool will remain closed from the time of the last sound of thunder or sighting of lightning. However, an additional factor to consider is whether or not the sky is dark and threatening. Unless there are evident signs of clearing, the storm should not be considered “ended”. The pool will reopen when evidence of clearing is present, and no further danger from lightning is observed.

During times that the pool is closed for weather related issues, ALL patrons will be asked to leave the facility until it is reopened.

Minors that are approved to remain unsupervised by a parent or guardian at the facility must immediately contact their respective parent or guardian in the event that guests are required to vacate the premises. Minors without a cell phone will be permitted to use the landline phone within the guard office to contact their parent or guardian.

If the pool has not opened by 4:00 PM, due to inclement weather, the facility will remain closed, regardless of weather conditions, until the next scheduled day of operation.

In the event of inclement weather which arrives after 6:00 PM, the pool shall be closed for the remainder of the evening.

Members and their respective guests of the North St. John’s Swim and Tennis Club agree not to pursue any avenue of compensation for damages or injury resulting from thunder or lightning within the vicinity of the facility. Members or guests that refuse to comply with the aforementioned thunder and lightning safety clauses are subject to indefinite suspension from the facility.