To join the North St. John’s waitlist please click here and submit an application.

Family Membership

  • $795 (due annually)
  • This membership includes parent(s) and dependent children under the age of 25. A Family Membership may not exceed 8 individuals.
  • Grandparents may be added to a Family Membership at no additional charge.
  • A Nanny or Houseguest may be added to a Family Membership for an additional $100. This pass must be repurchased each summer.

Senior Membership

  • $625 (due annually)
  • This membership is offered to senior citizens with both adults being 60 or better.

Single Membership

  • $525 (due annually)
  • An existing Family Membership may be converted into a Single Membership if specific qualifications are met. Contact NSJ for further information.

August Membership

  • $300
  • Waitlist families may be given the opportunity to join NSJ for the month of August.
  • August Membership does not guarantee membership for the following summer.

New Member Bond

  • $800 one-time payment when membership is accepted.
  • Bond is reimbursed when membership is terminated.