NSJ is ready to join the pickleball craze! This spring we added 4 new pickleball courts to tennis courts #1 and #2 (the lower courts), along with rolling nets and paddles for both adults and children.

For security, the nets are locked to the side of fence and the paddles are secured in a plastic storage container. To request the lock codes, please email NSJ Tennis Director, Bhavik Hukmani ( When you are done playing, be sure to return the nets and paddles to their original location.

Our original pickleball court on tennis court #4 is also still available for play! This court shares a net with tennis. The height of the net is too high for pickleball so move the white center strap to the side to lower it, but remember to move it back when play has ended.


There are often activities such as clinics and lessons occurring on the courts at NSJ.  To honor your time and that of your family we have a TENNIS COURT RESERVATION SCHEDULE available for the season so you can view court availability.  Please sign up to reserve a tennis/pickleball time this season.


More information coming soon!


In order to enjoy a clean, safe environment, please dispose of all drinks, ball containers, gum, etc. in the receptacles provided on the courts. 

In addition we have provided NEW rollers on the courts to remove puddles which must be hung on the fence so that they may dry out. Thank you!

Please send all questions to NSJ Tennis Director, Bhavik Hukmani.